Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A Very Fruitful Visit from Nanay Rich

Breastfeeding during the first few weeks was never easy for me. I was lucky with my first born because she was such a natural latcher. After the learning curve of latching her correctly, establishing my milk supply, and toughening up my nipples, we were good to go in just two weeks.

My second born is a different story. She falls under the category of barracuda feeder. Especially when she is very hungry, she latches on vociferously causing my nipples to crack and become wounded. While she latched on to my right breast just fine, it was different for the left that I had reached the point where I would be afraid to let her latch because of toe-curling pain. I would, instead, collect the milk with a milk collector (only latching her occasionally) which meant there was liquid gold left behind clogging the ducts, adding to the pain.

I sent a message to a friend who is a breastfeeding advocate and she recommended I get the help of a lactation counselor by the name of Nanay Rich Talle. I am so so so glad I called her up. She helped me big time!

I recounted to Nanay Rich my story and she seemed very calm about it. She taught me the different positions in which I can let my baby feed and explained how each position drains different milk ducts more effectively. She taught me how to properly latch and unlatch my baby girl. It feels a world of difference to be able to breastfeed without the shooting pains, and how liberating it feels to be able to latch your baby without being afraid of getting hurt.

The best part was the lactation massage. There was a fine line between relief and pain. One of the reasons why feeding was painful was because I had a lot of clogged ducts already which made my areolas hard. She massaged and unclogged every single area of my breasts and nipples until I was literally squirting out milk. And lo and behold, my baby girl was latching and drinking so easily and effortlessly that she got so full and went right to sleep.

Thank God for Nanay Rich! I was ready to quit because of the pain. But she brought a whole new light and joy to feeding my barracuda easily, effortlessly, and painlessly. My baby girl is suddenly drinking more and sleeping a little longer.

For new moms who need help breastfeeding and would like to contact Nanay Rich Talle, please pm me for details. I promise you, a visit from her is so worth it and she will change your life.

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