Wednesday, July 24, 2019

A Little Help from Iba Kami Home, Inc.

We all know how difficult it is to find help that we can trust into our homes these days. I’ve heard of stories where money gets lost, kids are mistreated, or the help asks for permission to go on vacation and never comes back, to name a few incidents. We have been lucky with the two we have, who have both been with my husband’s family for many years. And so my husband and I have been reluctant to hire a third person into our household, especially since we have a new baby.

Photo from Iba Kami Home Inc. Facebook Page

What we really needed was someone to cook for us so that our yaya can concentrate on the two kids without having to worry about cooking our meals too. Thankfully, my sister-in-law recommended a service called Iba Kami Home Inc. that does cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. on a scheduled basis.

Estefel in action
I contacted them through their Facebook page and they responded to me within the day. It’s a pretty simple process. You tell them what service you need, they give you the available schedule, and you book. They send you a list of everything they can prepare. There are two menus — the everyday dishes (like fried chicken, adobo, kaldereta, nilaga…) and the special dishes which require a little more preparation (lasagna, kare kare, hainanese chicken…). You can choose 10 everyday dishes or 5 special dishes and for how many people you would like them to prepare for, and they will send you a list of ingredients to buy.

On the day of your booking, a home assistant will go to your place and cook all of your chosen dishes, as well as clean up the work area when she is done. She will even give instructions on how you should heat up each dish and other ingredients you can add, like chill for those who want it spicy, before you eat them. All of this for an affordable rate of 1500 pesos (plus transportation fee of 200 pesos.).

The home assistant, Estefel, was at our home before 8:00 am. Her personality was very pleasant and she was very eager to cook for us. Because each household is different, she made sure to ask if we wanted certain spices on our food. She even gave recommendations on the kind of meats and fish we should buy the next time we employ her services. She finished preparing everything before 12:00 nn. I must say, everything looked really good. The fish cooked in lemon butter sauce which I had for lunch was quite enjoyable for me.

It’s going to be awhile before we will need their services again because we have enough food to last us more than a week. But I can say that we will definitely be booking them again.

For a full range of their services, vist their Facebook page at Iba Kami Home, Inc.

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