Thursday, August 9, 2018

Salute to Teachers

We recently had the privilege of attending my daughter's Parent-Child Night in school. It was like a curriculum night of sorts where the class adviser allows you to experience what typically goes on in a child's day in school; as well as get to know the parents of your child's classmates.

While school events like these, PTCs, culminating activities, etc. generally take time away from a work day, I greatly appreciate them and the work teachers do to make it worth our while. I like how they give me a glimpse into what my daughter does in school and to see who her friends are. If I had to rely on just my little girl to tell me what she did for the day, it would sound as if I paid the school just to let her slide.

Kidding aside, I was quite impressed with the way teachers handle our kids. It really takes a huge amount of energy, patience and perseverance to get a group of toddlers to pay attention to the story, to actively participate in songs, do some activities like paint and cook, and pack away. I was also amazed at all the different activities teachers come up with to teach our kids different skills they would need to go through everyday life, all of them done in a play setup so that kids thoroughly enjoy them. It’s no wonder my little girl can’t stand to miss a day of school.

Teachers put a lot of work into creating a safe and happy space for our kids to learn. As a parent, I am very grateful to my daughter’s teachers for being such awesome mentors and role models. At the same time, I am also grateful to them for teaching me, in turn, to be a better parent, role model, and educator to my daughter.

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