Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Kind of Mom I Want to Be

My mom and me, my daughter and me
There are different kinds of moms.

There are young moms, pretty moms, chubby moms, strict moms, religious moms, moms who want everything to be perfect, or even moms who are old enough to be grandmothers.

There’s the mom that fixes her kids’ baon (snack) for school, the mom who makes sure that the kids get their homework done. There’s also the mom who goes to work but makes sure her kids have a super nanny to be on top of things, or the mom who always brings home a surprise to make up for the time spent away from home. And then there’s the mom who teaches the kids to always be the best they can be, one who will grow up to be a person for others. And many others.

With the women who raised me, the moms in my life
There are many women in my life whom I have labeled with #peg aside from my own mom and older sister. Because of my lack of a mom growing up (my real mom passed away when I was 17), these women have stepped up to fill that role in the many circles I have become a part of. I have learned a great deal from these women, from making wise investments, to healing myself and others, to being a good example to those younger than me, and even something as simple as prettifying myself.

But there is one person who is my ultimate #peg for the kind of mom I want to be… my cousin who is 14 years wiser and more experienced that I am. When I needed help with my final exams, she came to our house to tutor me. When I was a tween and needed an amusement park buddy, she woke up early in the morning to ride the roller coasters with me. When our fairy godmothers would take us on trips she would help me keep my things in order and made sure I took photos to take home to my dad who wanted everything documented.

My cousin #peg
When she got married and became a mom, I always noted how cool a mom she was. She wasn’t the kind who drummed her child to learn her lessons. She made learning fun and seem easy. She didn’t force her child to study all the time. She also gave her child extracurriculars to look forward to and to avoid burn out. She raised her daughter to be well rounded and fun, yet smart and diligent. She raised her daughter to be a good person who prays, is respectful to those who are older, and cares for those who are younger than her. Best of all, she is the kind of mom who is also a friend, someone you won’t be afraid to talk to about anything. As a bonus, she’s also pretty and enjoys life to the fullest. Exactly the kind of mom I want to be. #peg

I always pray that I be all these things to my daughter. This or something better. At the same time, I always pray that I don’t lose sight of who I am.

To all the moms out there, HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!

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