Thursday, May 31, 2018

The First First Day of School

Back when my little girl was just a baby, the thought of school was very far from my mind. But as I found that very first day of school approaching, I felt a mix of excitement and anxiety. They say there is a fine line between those two emotions, and yet I was feeling them both. I was excited for her to make new friends, learn new things, use her new school bag and lunchbox… I was anxious for her to be the one to leave me at home.

I had no doubt that my little girl would love school. Compared to her parents who are shy homebodies, she’s a very outgoing, friendly, and extroverted child who has no trouble making friends, talking to adults, and showing the world what she’s got. I knew that she would go into her classroom in a heartbeat.

And she did. From the moment we entered her school, she was nothing but excited. She willingly put her bag around her shoulders and carried her lunchbox. While waiting for things to simmer down, like settle last minute payments, inquire about fetchers’ passes, getting to know the teacher, etc., she played at the outdoor playground with the other kids. And when it was time to enter the classroom, she went right in. No “goodbye mommy!” No crying, no drama. Just went in and never looked back.

I think part of me was anxious that there was the possibility of her clinging to me, that she may possibly look for me in the middle of the school day. But she was fine. So I gave myself a pat on the back for getting her all excited for school, left her there to have fun, and did the cool thing… I went home. (I only live five minutes away from the school so it’s easy for me to come back. :) )

I used to wonder, what am I going to do in the two hours she spends in school everyday? Well, here I am updating this blog. Plus, a whole list of other things like editing client photos while catching up on my Netflix series, attending to household concerns, and working on my art.

At the end of the day, I am lucky that my child didn’t put up a fuss. She likes going to school, and I like getting my work done at home with no interruptions. Now, I hope she continues to like going to school until she graduates from college… :)

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