Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Art of Luis Chua

Some of my favorite artworks by Luis Chua
Art in the Park in Salcedo park is an event I look forward to every year. It's something I mark on my calendar and anticipate with excitement because I love art and am eager to see what the participating artists have in store. For moms with older kids, I think it's an event that the kids will enjoy and appreciate, maybe even inspire them to bring out their inner artist. 

I don't always score an artwork. I have very limited space at home so I always have to think, feel and intuit if I really want to hang a piece in my home. While there are many that speak and call to me, unfortunately, I just can't afford to take them all home.

Books that Luis illustrated for
In 2017, however, I chanced upon a series of artworks made from a mix of acrylic, inks, and other materials that really tickled my fancy. I couldn't help but browse through his work. Unfortunately, all his pieces were sold out. But lucky for me, I met the artist and asked him to commission me an artwork based on my family and our likes.

His name is Luis Chua. Aside from creating commissioned works, he is also an illustrator for many local story books published under Lampara Books. Luis's style, is very whimsical and colorful, exactly the kind that catches my attention. His works have a very happy vibe to them. Just looking at them already tells the story the behind image.

Our family portrait
Because Luis is based in Lucban, most of our conversations were conducted via email or Facebook messenger. I sent him a family photo to give him an idea of what each of us look like. Then I told him a little about the things we like and love to do to make the artwork more personal. The finished product is definitely my favorite of all his works.

Luis is very easy to work with. You can approach him with an idea of what you want or he can help you come up with one if you don't have one yet. He's very prompt and polite and his art is a reflection of his pleasant personality.

So for moms who are looking into having an artwork done of your family (that tells a story), you may visit his page at to see his other works and send him a pm. He can send the finished artwork to you via courier.

And for moms who would like to expose their kids to art in a more casual setting, Art in the Park 2018 is on April 15, Sunday at the Jaime Velasquez Park, Salcedo Village, Makati.

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  1. Beautiful family. Well done,Luis. Thank you for your article about Luis and his amazing artwork.


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