Saturday, April 28, 2018

In the Potty

From the moment my little girl turned 14 months, I couldn't wait to potty train her. I was already imagining a decrease in my grocery bill because that would mean fewer diaper bags to purchase, or none at all. However, my little girl was not in a hurry to be potty trained, and I wanted to make going to the potty something that she needs to do, not a chore.

How did we begin? Since she was a big fan of Elmo at that time, I got her an Elmo goes to the potty book which she enjoyed entitled "P is for Potty". It's one of those lift the flap books that shows what Elmo and his friend Albie does: pull down their pants or training diapers, sit in the potty to pee, flush the toilet, and wash their hands. It was something visual and entertaining for her to remember.

And since her potty training journey came at the height of Baby Shark, we stumbled upon a song by Pinkfong called "The Potty Song". It may sound a little weird because it features cute looking poop caricatures circling the potty, getting ready to enter the potty while singing, "In the potty, in the potty, in the potty." That song was stuck in our head for weeks.

We began training her by letting her walk around the house without a diaper. We urged her to tell us if she wanted to go go to the potty or not. She was very resistant at first so we didn't force the issue. According to her pediatrician, she will show signs when she is ready.

Pinkfong Potty Song
The day came when she turned two. She noticed that her cousin, who is 10 months older, no longer wore a diaper when we go out. So we trained her again by letting her go through a day at home without the diaper. And to enforce the habit of letting her sit on the potty, we take her every 30 minutes and sing "In the potty". Pretty soon she was running to the potty on her own and calling for us, "I need to potty!" And she would even sing the potty song as she sits.

Nowadays, she no longer wants to go in her diaper. She seems to find it gross having to pee in something that she is wearing. It has been two months since we've had to take her to a toilet while out in a mall. I am happy to say that she is now completely potty trained...when awake. Getting her to sleep through the night without peeing in her sleep is a different matter.

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