Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Big Bad Wolf Got Me

I love books! I’ve loved them ever since I can remember. So when I first heard the news about the Big Bad Wolf book sale, I was palpitating with excitement and immediately marked it down on my calendar.

My family was out of the country during the opening days of the book sale, but I was glad to have been able to catch it today. I went at a “doña hour” of 10:00 am as recommended by a friend. Wise idea! Not many people, browsing was easy and leisurely, even parking was easy.

Unlike the Manila International Book Fair that houses different local publishers and book stores (popular and obscure), the Big Bad Wolf book sale was, simply put, a giant book sale. No publishing houses, no participating book stores, just tables and tables, separated into categories, full of wonderful books at dropped down prices (the most expensive book I bought was PhP 290).

For the first time, I went to a book sale without my sister who loves books as much as I do. Just as well, I probably would have bought more had she been with me. What can I say about it? It is an evil and heavenly place!

I was worried that I had lost out on all the good selections because I didn’t get to go within the first few days. That usually happens at the book fair. But there were boxes in the middle of aisles and the staff seemed to have been restocking the tables with even more books. My worry was needless and I took home a lot more books than I had expected.

They have everything from children’s books to literature, non fiction, graphic novels, art and photography, crafts and hobbies, health and wellness, cooking, to history, architecture and design, religion, and reference, and probably others I may have overlooked. I tried to go through everything but I stayed true to myself and went straight to the children’s books. There are just sooooo many really interesting books for toddlers to tweeners. I had to discern which books my little girl would like for sure and which ones I would definitely keep given that I don’t have a lot of space at home, and refrain from putting everything in my cart.

For mommies who plan to score some books for your kids and yourselves, I suggest going through your preferred genres first. After spending so much time in the children’s area, I no longer had the energy to browse through the rest, though I did manage to score a few books for myself. That’s ok, though! I was pretty happy with my loot.

Her loot
My loot

Best of all, I only spent 5,000 pesos for what probably looks like 20,000 pesos worth of books. Great bargain indeed!

Big Bad Wolf books sale is open for 24 hours until February 25, 2018, Sunday at the World Trade Center in Pasay..

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