Thursday, February 1, 2018

Providore for Everyone

Providore, SM Aura
My husband and my dad share the same birthday, so being able to celebrate my husband’s birthday, just us, is something we, or should I say I, have to plan. Dinner is usually when my dad plans his. But because I feel that my husband deserves a celebration that he can call his own, I always want to do something special for him during lunch.

Prior to the birth of our little girl, I would already have made a reservation at some restaurant a few days before and we would usually just hop in the car, drive to Tagaytay, and surprise! But those spontaneous days have been difficult to plan with a child in tow, so plans now have to evolve around Metro Manila.

Crispy Seafood Mayo Roll
and Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
This year, I wanted to take him to some place he had not yet been to. It needed to be an easily accessible place in Makati or BGC because we had other plans for the afternoon near the area. It had to be a child-friendly place, with parking, and I wanted it to be cozy. I wasn’t quite sure what kind of cuisine my husband wanted at the moment. I thought “comfort food” is always a happy thing. So we drove off to SM Aura and got a table at Providore.

I had been to Providore previously during one of our girls’-night-outs and really liked the place. It’s the kind of restaurant where everything in the menu looks (and is) good, the place is nice and homey, and you can even have your dessert and coffee there. The place is nicely decorated with touches of what could be a homey french bistro, the kind where, if it were outdoors in a cold country, you would like to just sit and relax and enjoy your meal.

They do accept reservations on weekdays, not on weekends because they are quite a popular place for families to dine in. We came a little early and so we were lucky to be able to get a booth and a high chair. The staff are very warm and friendly and seem to like interacting with kids. But what enchanted my little girl and, well, my husband to the place was the counter filled with cakes and pastries as soon as you enter. Before any of that, first, we have to eat.

They have all kinds of food from breakfast to deli to comfort bistro food to Filipino, something for every member of the family. We ordered the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner which is a crispy fried chicken that comes with a corn bread and mashed potato (my favorite), Grilled Pepper and Herb Beef Shortribs which is like a slow cooked beef belly with sauce made from its own juice (my husband’s favorite), Crispy Seafood Mayo Roll which is a seafood salad on a buttered brioche (my daughter’s favorite), and a Macaroni Pimiento Four Cheese Gratin which is like a fancy mac and cheese. 
Grilled Pepper and Herb Beef

(Disclaimer: I am not a food blogger, nor am I a food critic. I am writing this from the point of view of a mom who would like to recommend a nice and child friendly restaurant.)

To top it off, we had a small Salted Caramel cake for the middle and a purple Birthday Bundt cake (that our little girl insisted we get) which they put a candle on while they played the Happy Birthday song. Of course, I had my coffee to seal my palate.

Before leaving, we took a look at their shelf of goodies like different kinds of local coffee, bottled tuyo and other products in jars, organic hand soaps, and other locally made products. The kind you would like to give or receive as a gift.

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience for us. My husband was happy, our little girl enjoyed, and I am thrilled to have found a nice place for us to come back to for special occasions of simply to have a nice family meal.

Providore is located at the Ground Floor of SM Aura, across Uniqlo.

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