Thursday, February 8, 2018

Homeopathy 101

Back in the 90s, there would be seasons when a good number of people would fall sick due to the flu or whatever diseases was “popular” at that time. But nowadays, more and more people are getting sick all year round, and falling ill would last a long time. Many people ask me, “How do you keep your child from getting sick?” I would usually joke and say, “Her mom is a witch!”

The truth, I have been a certified practitioner of many healing modalities such as Thetahealing, Reiki, and crystal/energy healing, to name a few, for many years and I use those to keep my family and friends in check. But recently, I took a “basic” class on Homeopathy. While I have been taking homeopathic remedies in place of Western medicines (thanks to my sister who took it five years ago), I wanted to take the class myself and understand exactly what it was about, as well as have my own kit of the homeopathic remedies. What can I say? It was anything but basic. It covers 40 remedies for first aid and acute diseases, perfect for common household ailments. It was mind-blowing! I would highly recommend it to everyone (especially those with kids).
My Kit

What is Homeopathy? It is a way of treating an illness using small doses of the very substance that would cause the illness in healthy people. In layman’s terms, like cures like. It is the same concept as a vaccine wherein a strain of the virus is taken to create a medicine that will give you immunity from that same virus. But in the case of Homeopathy, the medicines are created from natural ingredients, such as plants, the bark of a tree, etc. through the process of dilution and succussion, without the aid of any chemicals. To understand this process further, you may read about it further from our friend Google.

What I like about Homeopathy is that it treats, not only the person’s physical symptoms, but the emotional and mental aspects as well. It begins its work from the root of the problem. Unlike Western medicine which suppresses the symptoms, Homeopathy lets you go through the symptoms very fast and resolves it, it’s as if you didn’t go through much of it.

For pregnant and nursing moms who can't take medicines, this is perfect! While it treats many other symptoms aside from what is existing, it is smart enough to treat only what your body needs, with no side effects.

When I was going through the baby blues two weeks after I gave birth, I spoke to a co-healer who happens to be the instructor for the Homeopathy class and told her about what I was going through. Given my symptoms, she prescribed me a remedy, to help me with my depression. It was the perfect one because I was always weepy, I always wanted my husband to be around me, and I felt sad for no reason, plus the fact that I was always tired and didn’t know the first thing about taking care of a newborn, but I always felt better when I would take my baby out of the house for a quick walk. It was exactly the description of what the remedy, Pulsatilla, was made to cure. Unlike many moms who go through it for weeks, mine didn’t last long. Thanks to Homeo!

Some of our most used remedies
So I jumped at the chance to take this class because it is not offered all year round. But I must say, it was well worth it. All the Homeopathic First Aid workshops are done at The Healing House in Wack Wack, Mandaluyong, by Roshan Samtani and Eugene Go. They are excellent at what they do and in how they teach. The study of the 40 remedies may come as information overload to many, but learning about each and every one of them will open your mind to the many things that you can do heal yourself without taking a toll on your liver (or any other organ for that matter). Best of all, you get to take home your very own kit of mother tinctures of the 40 homeopathic remedies discussed in class. The remedies last forever for as long as they properly stored and taken care of.

I have put my kit to good use since the class because both my husband and I came down with the flu (with varying symptoms) just after the class. Homeopathy, plus Reiki and energy healing, helped us get back to optimal health. No medicines.

As for my daughter, I have given homeo to her for cases like teething, night terrors, allergies to food, constipation, etc. and they have worked very fast for us. It IS magic in a bottle!

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