Sunday, December 10, 2017

My Everyday Muse

My muse and me (Photo by Papa)
Four years ago, I left my job at a portrait studio to start my own business as a child photographer. My husband, then boyfriend, proposed to me so I couldn't go on with that kind of schedule (think mall hours and one day off a week) to plan a wedding, much less start a family. I started my own photography business that allowed me to work on my own schedule. Photo shoots only took up half of my day on some weekends while the rest of the week was spent at home editing photos (or spending time with my friends).

By the time my husband and I tied the knot, this was the perfect setup for us. Not all weekends were taken up by photo shoots so we got to spend time together. And by the time I got pregnant with our daughter a few months later, I didn't have to pressure myself to fight that icky first trimester feeling and get to work.

Fast forward to 2015, my daughter was born and suddenly I had a muse. Everyday (or almost everyday) was a photo shoot waiting to happen. I suddenly had this beautiful subject that I could photograph however I wanted, whenever I wanted (for as long as she was also in a good mood). In everything that I would do, she was my inspiration.

But of course, like everyone else, I needed to start working again to help pay the bills. Three months after she was born, I picked up from where I left off and started accepting clients again. When I had a shoot (especially an event), I left her at home unless she was also invited as a guest. When friends would hire me to take photos of their kids at home or at the studio, I would bring her and she would make them smile.

Posing with her new friend
As she got older, I realized that not only did I have a muse who would inspire me to take adorable photographs of her, I had a little apprentice. For two Christmases now, I have been holding mini portrait sessions where families would come to a given venue to have their photos taken with a Christmas themed setup. I would take her with me, usually because it is in a house and she is familiar with the people and the place, and I would test the lighting and setup on her. When the families would come, she would play with my clients' kids, sometimes even join them for a shot or two, to make them feel comfortable.

My little apprentice
For a mom who loves being in control of the camera, I'm very thankful for having a child who likes being the subject of one. I get to do what I love and share it with her when the mood strikes.

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