Thursday, November 16, 2017

Poopie Problems

One of the greatest pleasures in life is being able to go to the bathroom and releasing a great big poop. Okay, I don’t mean to disgust you with this post. Everyone needs to release it at some point of the day. Everyone, including our babies. But what happens when constipation strikes?

Recently, my little girl had been having formed to hard stools. It wasn’t a problem at first, in fact, when we went to the pediatrician for her 24-month check-up, she asked if it was difficult for our little girl too poop and our reply was “no”. She would continue to eat the way she normally does and would poop a few minutes to an hour after.

But one morning, two hours had passed after she had her breakfast and the poop didn’t come. After lunch, it still didn’t come. Sometime in the afternoon, she managed to let out a pea sized poop which was not enough to relieve her already bloated stomach. Still, she was happy and went about her normal day of playing, walking in the neighborhood, and doing things she likes to do. The rest of the poop never came.

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It worried me a little because this was not normal for her. She’s the kind of child who goes regularly, so this was something that raised alarm bells in my head. At this time, we had already started giving her raisins and oatmeal for breakfast, as well as papaya as suggested by her pedia. (Papaya was once her favorite fruit, but we had to refrain from giving it to her for some time because it was making her stools too soft.)

The next day and still no poop. As she is not yet potty trained, she stood in a corner and started showing signs of pooping. I thought, this was it! She even asked to sit on the potty and have a diaper change. But nothing came out. She had reached the point where it had become truly difficult and uncomfortable for her. She would cry, and she wanted me to carry her but wouldn’t let me do so. I could only imagine how awful it felt for her, I wanted to just flush her system for her.

I’m not the kind of mom who would rush to give medicine. If I could go completely natural, I would! So we made a quick trip to the grocery with a list of recommended foods from the pedia. Prune juice, oats and high fiber grains, raisins or dried fruits, green leafy vegetables, and fruits eaten with the peel like grapes and pears were some of the recommendations. No apples and bananas because they make the stool even harder.

Not all groceries have prune juice, especially if you go to one of the smaller ones like Rustan’s express. Experience has taught me that pineapples are good for digestion, especially at night, so I opted for unsweetened pineapple juice instead. I also got her a few yogurt drinks (which she really liked), a few cups of yogurt, and string beans to add to her veggie meal.

Happy again!
That evening, she went back to her corner and started showing signs of pooping. Then we smelled it. And then she asked for a diaper change. Can I just say, my husband and I have never been so happy to see poop in our entire life! It wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing. And when she pooped again the next day, we were just so happy! Our little girl was happy too because her stomach was suddenly not bloated compared to the way it was prior.

Hoping this post helped you, mommies, with your babies in some way. I’m not quite sure which of the foods mentioned helped to make her release her poop. It could be any or all, but I am thankful that she is back to her regular schedule.

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