Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Family Pizza Parlor

Shakey's at Paseo de Magallanes
In the Philippines, most kids usually spend more time with the mother’s side of the family, my daughter being one of those kids. It’s just the way it is because eldest girls are usually the glue that keep the family together. So when my husband’s side of the family calls for a gathering or celebration, we are present by hook or by crook.

Recently, my husband’s nephew celebrated his birthday. My brother-in-law called for a celebration with the family at the newly opened Shakey’s in Paseo de Magallanes because they were curious about this particular branch that always looks like a happening place, especially on Saturday evenings. We wondered how different is could be from the other stores? Shakey’s is Shakey’s. We usually call them for delivery, in fact, we haven’t been totally satisfied with the pizzas delivered to our doorstep.

Part of the main dining area
This branch took us by surprise. For one, they do accept reservations. We were quite a big group but they were able to accommodate us because it’s a much bigger store than what they used to be. And except for the modernised logo, this store had all the elements of what it was like to visit the old Shakey’s restaurant on Makati Avenue from back in the 80s. Compared to the old store they had in Magallanes, this was a very family friendly place. My daughter quite enjoyed it!
Party venue

I’ve forgotten what it was like to eat a Shakey’s pizza that came straight from the oven. My personal favorite, the garlic and cheese pizza, is usually dry when by the time it arrives at our house. But this one was really good. The cheese was soft and stretchy like a stereotypical pizza in the commercials, and it was full of flavor like a real cheese pizza with garlic. We had to order a second one. Even my little girl enjoyed her food and had a lot to eat that evening. (Sorry, no photos of food because it was quickly wolfed down by the hungry kids.)

Okay, I’m not a food writer so I shall get back to what made this a family friendly place.

Because it is a bigger store, they have a room dedicated to children’s parties that will fit the whole family and quite a number of friends. And since a party had ended and there were many balloons left, a waiter got a pink one and gave it to my toddler who was looking longingly at them. They even have an arcade at the back of the store to keep kids entertained and occupied while waiting for the food to be served. It felt a lot like the Shakey’s of yore that had a little playground to help parents keep their kids from running all over the restaurant.
Happy Birthday, Henry!

Meanwhile, because there were TVs on every angle of the place, my husband was able to enjoy a basketball game replay that he had missed, which was going on in the channel they had tuned to.

Since we were there to celebrate our nephew’s birthday, of course, a birthday needs a cake and a Happy Birthday song. With a burst of energy from the staff, they all came bearing the cake and some ice cream, a hat to put on the celebrant, and a very vibrant Happy Birthday. I think my little girl was a little overwhelmed with the burst of energy that she cried, but all was well. She enjoyed a little bit of the cake.
To cap things off, while waiting for the bill to be settled, there’s a piano in their main dining area where the kids had their little play with music. And when all is set, they have a bell with a sign that says, “If we did well, please ring the bell!”, which my little girl excitedly rang.

I’m the kind of mom who would rather eat in a nice Japanese or Chinese restaurant, but if my daughter wants pizza then I would gladly take her back here for some good ol’ family fun dining experience.

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