Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Play Time at Adventure Zone

Mommies and Babies, minus one pair
When a mommy friend invited us to a play date in Adventure Zone with her son, along with four other toddlers, all friends of my little girl, I immediately said yes. She had recently signed up for a full year of unlimited play and classes and was given five free passes to invite friends to join, hence, our play date and a class. (Thank you for inviting us, Mommy Kerol!)

We had been planning a play date since last year but never pushed through due to conflict in schedule. Finally, here we were, getting together to give the kids some fun and play.

Photo lifted from Adventure Zone Shangri-La at The Fort
Adventure Zone is located at the fifth floor of Shangri-La at The Fort. The place is huge and is easy to go to. You can just park your car and there is an elevator that takes you straight up to Adventure Zone. Upon registering, they give you a locker to put in your things, and there are cubicles to park your shoes in. Because we were using a free pass, I just added 150 pesos for my daughter’s yaya to enter. And what a good decision that was because as soon as we entered, it was as if my little girl were a wild animal that was released in the wild, I needed all the help to get her back out of the maze of gross motor play.

She wants to slide again
The entire place is like a huge jungle gym with a giant slide as its main attraction. For my little girl, it was like the ultimate indoor play ground. She just just felt the need to run through every pole, crawl through every tunnel, and climb to her heart’s content. We even went down the slide together, which she totally loved. The other first time Adventure Zone mommies and I realised later on that this area was for bigger kids, although our toddlers were allowed to also play here with supervision.

There is also a smaller play area with slides, bridge walkways and toys for kids four years and below which my daughter and her friends enjoyed all the same. They loved it so much that they were crying when it was time to go.

Class time
And in another section of the place is a make believe play area with a pretend fire station, police station, bank, etc., where they also conduct the classes for kids. We joined the Rhythm and Play class for 0-4 years. I honestly thought that there is still a lot of room for improvement for their classes. For one, I think that the age range is too wide, my daughter (who is turning two years old) and her friends being smaller than the other kids, also making the class size too big. I also thought that the teacher needed more training in handling a class of that size, as well as educating the kids’ guardians (whether parents or nannies) to help the kids participate in the activities so that it is more organized. Otherwise, while other kids seemed to feel overwhelmed by all the music and movement going on, my little girl really enjoyed it all. She simply loved following the actions to the songs and dancing to the beat. It was wonderful feeling to see her filled with so much joy and excitement.

Enjoying the class
I also observed that when noon time came and kids took their break, many of them took out their lunch bags and had their meal there. Since their security if very tight (you have to check in and check out every time you leave), it seems like a safe place to leave the kids and their nannies in so that they are not bored at home.

Over all, I think that this is a great place to take your kids to. It promotes the development of motor skills as well as gives them a fun environment to use up all their unspent energy. Plus, I guess having to chase my daughter in the jungle gym and making sure she doesn’t fall or break a leg is a work out for me too. 

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