Thursday, June 15, 2017

My Mustela Picks

"Change Chichi's diaper!"
There are tons of baby products out in the market and when I would ask other moms what their favorites for their babies were, many would say Mustela. And I completely understand what there is to love. They have a full range of products from baby shampoo, body bath, face and body moisturisers to name a few that are very gentle on the newborn skin. While we use almost all of their products, our staples are the Physiobébé and Vitamin Barrier Cream.


It’s hard to imagine that such a cute and small baby can produce such stinky poop. So when a daddy friend (yes, you read right, a daddy friend!) introduced us to the Physiobébé, we were floored. So maybe that is an exaggeration. But we were so happy to learn about this product that makes cleaning baby’s butt on-the-go so much easier.

What is the Physiobébé? It is a gentle, no-rinse, cleaning water that can be used on the baby’s diaper area from birth on.

It is perfect for using when we are out and about, especially when we have no access to a diaper changing area. After cleaning up with some wipes, we cap it off with a little bit of the Physiobébé and voila. Clean again! At home, we still wash our baby’s butt with cotton and water. But when she poops, we spray a little bit of the Physiobébé and wipe it off with cotton to make sure that it is squeaky clean and smelling fresh.

Vitamin Barrier Cream

Another one of my recommended products for the diaper area, we apply this after the Physiobebe to prevent irritations and rashes. Many moms say that it relieves at the first sign of redness, but we have been religiously applying this to my baby girl since birth and I am happy to say that she has never had a diaper rash. (Knock on wood!)

When my baby girl was just two weeks old, she had an irritation on the neck that wouldn’t go away that was caused by heat and perspiration. Her pediatrician recommended that we use whatever we put on her diaper area on her neck. After applying the Vitamin Barrier Creme on her neck for three days, there was a significant decrease in the rash and it eventually disappeared.

It works like a charm! Works on adults too!

Disclaimer: I am not, in any way, paid my Mustela to rave about their products. I am sharing my thoughts on them because they work for us and I feel that it may benefit other mommies and babies too. 😀

Where to buy (based on where I've bought): You can purchase Mustela products in Mothercare, Baby & Co., the baby sections of Rustan's and Landmark. They also have a kiosk in Greenbelt 5.

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