Monday, June 5, 2017

Baby Blues

In the first few weeks of taking the baby home, I noticed some major changes in myself. The good was that I could lie down without feeling any back pain or discomfort and I was suddenly so flexible again. I could actually see my toes and I could walk without having to wobble like a penguin. The bad, well, I was always crying for no reason. 

Having a baby was the biggest blessing we could ever have. Having a cute and healthy one was icing on the cake. And yet I couldn’t help crying over spilled milk (figuratively and literally), be angry at everyone else around me (except for my husband and baby), despise the taste of food, and micro manage everything down to what serving plate to put the food in. I was so happy to be snapping photos of my beautiful newborn one minute then extremely irritable the next. It didn’t help that my husband had to leave during the day to attend a class that was required of him, so I was left alone with my thoughts when the baby was asleep.

Turns out, what I had was the “baby blues”, the mildest form of post partum depression. It happens to most mothers within the first four days to a month upon child birth. It is more common among mothers who gave birth to baby girls because of the sudden drop of hormones. It doesn’t help that a mom lacks or doesn’t get any sleep to keep up with the demands of a newborn, her body is going through so many changes (especially for a new mom) that she doesn’t quite understand, and after getting used to having a life growing inside her the child is no longer a physical part of her. All the emotions and changes of the past nine months and of child birth are finally catching up that it contributes to how a new mom feels.

Some of the symptoms of baby blues are crying for no reason, feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, impatience, easily irritable, sadness, sudden mood swings, fatigue, even difficulty in sleeping in spite of not having any sleep. If these symptoms are still present and kicking after a month, please consult your doctor.

What really helped me to get through this phase of my life was to watch happy shows/movies like Friends reruns, eat food that makes me happy like ice cream, step out of the house once a day to get some fresh air and have a change in environment, go to mass once a week, and the most important, have people visit me. Having family and friends around would be the highlight of my day. They would be afraid to come over because they think I’m resting, but I would always tell them to PLEASE come over to keep me sane. I noticed that talking to other people would help me release my stress and some of the unexplained sadness I was feeling. I also took a homeopathic remedy* which sped up my healing process a whole lot.

(Visits from Ninangs, Lolo, Lola, Lola Yaya, and Ate Martie)

Being a new mom is not easy. So if you are a new mom, please give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!

*For homeopathic consultations, you may contact Roshan Samtani at 0917-8336286.

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